Version 1.0.5 Released!

New update that fixes all of the bugs that were reported to me and many more!

IMPORTANT: Redeems will not work as intended unless you delete the redeems from the old version of the overlay in your redeem manager on Twitch and restart the program. You will only have to do this once.


  • Added the ability for tree ornaments to despawn after a while.


  • Program never shutting down (will now time out after a few seconds)
  • Window not being resizable
  • Emotes sometimes having black or colored backgrounds
  • Authorizing twitch connection but Overlay not acknowledging connection
  • Bits min/max
  • Update notification panel not displaying correctly
  • Lights colors being too dull
  • Ornaments always being below emote ornaments
  • Ornaments not spawning for many event types
  • Other minor bug fixes


Winter Wonderland Overlay 40 MB
Dec 24, 2022

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